Blue-green algal blooms
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Blue-green algal blooms increased in inland waters and in sea areas

Algal bloom monitoring June 28, 2018, Finnish Environment Institute
In inland waters, blue-green algal blooms are more common than normally at this time of the year. The number of blooms has also increased in sea areas. The strong wind is likely to push the blooms off the coast in the Gulf of Finland and will restrain the blue-green algal blooms. More in Finnish

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Algal bloom monitoring July 12, 2018: Blue-green algal blooms increased in the Gulf of Finland and in the Archipelago Sea, blooms also in abundance in lakes

The number of blue-green algal blooms has increased considerably, especially in south-western and southern sea areas. There are also plenty of blue-green algal blooms in lakes. If predicted heat and calm weather is attained, the amount of surface blooms can increase considerably, especially in southern and south-western sea areas.