Oulanka National Park
© Photo: Markus Sirkka, Image Bank of the Environmental Administration

Help Find Finland’s Best Biodiversity Input 2015–2016

The best input for halting the loss of biodiversity is being looked for again in Finland. The National Committee of Finland of IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature needs your help in finding an individual, organization or business that has been successful in safeguarding nature’s vitality and functioning ecosystem services in 2015 and 2016 in Finland. Send your proposal on 8 December at the latest! Read more

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Nitrogen emissions from ships restricted in the Baltic Sea and North Sea

The Marine Environment Protection Committee of the International Maritime Organization IMO approved the designation of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea as an emission control area for nitrogen oxides (NECA) on 27th October 2016.
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Map butterfly Araschnia levana

Nitrogen deposition affects population changes of butterfly and moth species in Finland

Large, mobile and multivoltine butterflies and moths that either utilise a wide variety host plants or have adapted to feed on nitrophilous plants are becoming more common in Finnish nature. Soil eutrophication caused by nitrogen deposition from the atmosphere has had a strong impact on the species that have flourished or declined in Finland over the past few decades.



Forest carbon sinks must be included in bioeconomy sustainability assessments

Forest carbon sinks reduce the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide content. The utilisation of wood and forests inevitably affects carbon sinks, which is an issue that must be considered when seeking cost-effective means for mitigating climate change. Increasing carbon sinks is important for achieving the goals of the Paris climate agreement. Read more