Barnacle geese
Barnacle geese © Eija Putkuri

Barnacle goose population declined in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Press release  08/5/2016 Finnish Environment Institute
The total number of barnacle geese grazing on the park lawns of Helsinki and eastern Espoo declined by four per cent compared to 2015. The number of goslings almost halved, declining by 46 per cent, compared to last year. This year, researchers from the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) counted a total of 5,720 barnacle geese, of which 484 were goslings. Read more

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The land of 1,000 lakes and 100 climate solutions

The world urgently needs climate solutions to implement the much heralded Paris Agreement. Now Finnish experts believe their small northern country can go a long way in providing them.
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Low levels of environmental toxins in Lapland, climate change and new chemicals the main risks

The Finnish Lapland is renowned for its purity, even if environmental toxins are present at low concentrations in the air, water and living organisms. The main concern in the Arctic region is the long-range transport of substances and increased chemical loading which may take place due to other causes. This is why the monitoring and mapping of hazardous substances must continue in Finland.



Forest carbon sinks must be included in bioeconomy sustainability assessments

Forest carbon sinks reduce the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide content. The utilisation of wood and forests inevitably affects carbon sinks, which is an issue that must be considered when seeking cost-effective means for mitigating climate change. Increasing carbon sinks is important for achieving the goals of the Paris climate agreement. Read more