Yellow Smart Buoy located south of Helsinki 2018
The yellow Smart Buoy is located south of Helsinki, but quite far out, facing the open sea, close to the main fairway to the south. © Photo: Joose Mykkänen

For the first time, a smart buoy with an oil sensor is delivering data via satellite in open sea conditions in the Baltic Sea

Press release, November 9, 2018, Finnish Environment Institute
In October a smart navigation buoy system started to deliver real-time measurement data via satellite, monitoring oil and some other water quality parameters in the Baltic Sea's water. It is located south of Helsinki in the Gulf of Finland. The monitoring data gives later great advantages to the oil spill response actions of authorities and it eases revealing illegal oil discharges. The system is part of SYKE's GRACE project cooperation and it is made by Meritaito Ltd. The data is freely available on the Internet. Read the pressrelease

Latest news of the Ministry of the Environment

Minister Tiilikainen to informal meeting of EU transport and environment ministers in Graz and to meeting of Nordic environment ministers in Oslo

Minister of the Environment, Energy and Housing Kimmo Tiilikainen will attend the informal meeting of EU transport and environment ministers in Graz, Austria on 29–30 October and the meeting of Nordic environment ministers in Oslo on 30–31 October.
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The headquarters of the Finnish Environment Institute is moving to the Viikki campus

The headquarters of the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) is moving on 19th November 2018 from the Töölö borough of Helsinki to the University of Helsinki’s Viikki campus (street address: Latokartanonkaari 11). SYKE’s new base at Viikki is a truly modern working environment, where care and attention has been paid to environmentally sustainable solutions.


Policy Brief

A future the planet can accommodate
Respecting the limits of the earth is prerequisite for the well-being of humanity. Read more


Monitoring and assessment of environmental impacts of chemical spills in the Baltic Sea

SYKEreport23_2018_cover 125px

This publication resulting from the project is intended to guide authorities responsible for post-spill environmental monitoring and assessment, and to help them to understand how complex issues they might be dealing with due to the wide range of chemicals currently transported. The main goal of the publication is to create better preparedness for establishing an effective post-spill monitoring programme especially in the Baltic Sea, area and it is primarily targeted at decision-makers responsible for the planning and implementation of environmental monitoring after a sudden chemical spill at sea. Read more