Algal bloom monitoring July 24, 2014: Extensive blooms in Finnish Sea areas, some increase in the amount of blooms also in lakes

There are extensive cyanobacterial blooms in the southern Archipelago Sea, western Gulf of Finland and in the northern Baltic Proper. In lakes, the situation is typical for the time of the year, some abundant blooms have been observed. Water which contains cyanobacteria, should not be used since it may be toxic. Video: The Finnish Border Guard. Read more

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High level climate discussion at SuomiAreena: There is hope for a solution to the climate crisis

The panel discussion ‘Low-Carbon Future – From Pledges to Concrete Action’ convened by Minister of the Environment Ville Niinistö at the SuomiAreena event in Pori Finland laid groundwork for the high-level climate conference of the UN Secretary General, to be held in New York in September 2014.
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The Baltic Sea Environment and Ecology

Itameri - ympäristö ja ekologia -kansi 125pxThe content of the presentation package demonstrates, on one hand, the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the Baltic Sea and, on the other hand, the challenges presented by the Baltic. Read more


Gulf of Finland Year 2014Gof 2014 logo

Gulf of Finland Year 2014 is a common project of Estonian, Russian and Finnish experts. The goal is to produce new information on the status of the Gulf of Finland. Throughout the Gulf of Finland Year 2014 there are over one hundred events for researchers, educators, decision makers and the general public.

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The state of the environment in Finland 2013

The State of the Environment in Finland 2013 is a compact review of the state of the environment in Finland in 2013. It brings together the most important indicators which can be used to assess the state of the Finnish environment, to reveal trends and to evaluate the effectiveness of actions taken. Read more