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Finns value urban living

Press release, June 20, 2017, Finnish Environment Institute
According to the latest “Asukasbarometri” (Residents’ barometer) survey, more and more Finns want to live in an urban environment. Urbanisation is also seen in changes in life style such as the increased popularity of cafés and an increase in cycling. Read more

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Closer Finnish-Japanese cooperation in environmental research

The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE and the National Institute for Environmental Studies of Japan NIES have signed a cooperation document to promote joint projects between the two institutes. The aim is to improve the exchange of information between the countries, strengthen the research networks, and support joint research on a long-term basis. The initiative to the agreement came from Japan.
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Coastal spatial planning forms the basis for sustainable business activities

The planning of coastal spatial management enables account to be taken of the effects of land-sea activities on coastal nature and local business activities. The objective of such planning is to examine all human activities affecting coastal areas and to direct the use of coastal and marine areas on a more environmentally-friendly basis.

The state of the environment in Finland 2017

The state of the environment in Finland 2017 - the second information package is looking at the circular economy.


Kestava liikkuminen

Sustainable mobility solutions are created locally


Longterm urban planning and innovative infill enable construction more dense cities in which walking, cycling and public transport exist as solutions. By experimenting with mobility solutions, municipalities have already discovered innovative ways to promote sustainable choices. Read more