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Finnish Environment Institute hosted a full-scale oil recovery exercise on 25 March, 2015 in the icy waters of the Gulf of Bothnia. The Exercise contained the following modules:

  • Alert Exercise; to alert relevant bodies and partners. Here HELCOM countries formed the main target. EU DG ECHO and EMSA was consulted here as well
  • Full Scale Exercise; One Day Long  Exercise included:
    • aerial surveillance,
    • satellite monitoring and
    • mechanical recovery tasks
  • Ships including icebreakers, modern oil recovery ships, heavy duty systems – Visitors and observers had a special floating platform in the middle of the show
  • Two Days-long High Level Conference

Conference Topics and presentations:

24 March 2015

Session I: Arctic Environment

Session II: Ice and weather services in the Arctic

Session III: Short and Long Range Monitoring and Survaillance

26 March 2015

Session IV: Mechanical Oil Recovery

Session V: Ice Performance Requirements for Ships

Session Exercise Debriefing

Conference venue

The venue for the High-Level Conference was in the Cultural Centre of Kemi.

Contact Information:

Jorma Rytkönen

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