Waters and the sea

The section Waters and the Sea contains information on water bodies and water resources and their status, monitoring, use and restoration, and the prevention of oil and chemical accidents at sea. This section also contains material on the protection of waters and the Baltic Sea, and the related cooperation. Other information on the Baltic Sea is available in the Baltic Sea Portal. Järviwiki is the gateway to a wiki-type web service specifically created for lakes and sea areas.

Hviträsk. Photo: Anne Koskela

Information on the Baltic Sea, its status, protection and actors in the sector. Maintenance: the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, the Finnish Meteorological Institute and the Ministry of the Environment.

Järviwiki, maintained by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, is a collaborative web service focusing on Finland’s lakes and other water areas. Using Järviwiki, anyone can engage in activities such as editing descriptions of lakes, maintaining observation spots and contributing to the discussion forum.

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