Groundwater in Finland
Content page | Published: 2016-01-12

Photo: Mirjam Orvomaa Groundwater is found everywhere – however in Finland groundwater formations are mainly situated in eskers, moraine formations and end moraine formations. The aquifer...

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Flood risk management planning
Content page | Published: 2014-05-28

The EU Floods Directive (2007/60/EC) and the national legislation for its implementation include preliminary flood risk assessment, flood mapping and flood risk management planning. 21 areas of poten...

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Protection of waters
Content page | Published: 2015-08-31

In the protection of waters, the aim is to achieve at least a good status for surface and ground waters. These pages contain information on planning related to the protection of waters, and water pro...

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Content page | Published: 2014-10-13

The section Waters contains information on water bodies and water resources and their status, monitoring, use and restoration, and the prevention of oil and chemical accidents. This section also cont...

Hydrological forecasts and maps
Content page | Published: 2016-05-31

Introduction of the Watershed simulation and forecasting system (WSFS)   Forecasts and warnings for lakes and rivers Click the picture to access Forecast and warnings ma...

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