Oil spill response exercises

LNG Release Alert Exercise

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) run an alert exercise in 18th December 2015. The scenario tested was a virtual LNG release initiated by collision of a LNG coastal carrier and the pier in the HaminaKotka port. Based on the exercise scenario a rupture was formed to the middle section of the ship having the tank volume of 7000 m3 of LNG. LNG outflow resulted the pool formation on the water surface with the formation of the gas cloud.

Map of exercise
Figure: Map of the Exercise Area

Three bodies were alerted in the exercise: EMSA’s MARICE service, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and Finnish Meteorological Institute’s duty officer. The requested assistance covered instructions for emergency actions, protection and the possible evaluation of the gas plume drift towards the port and surrounding city.

The Exercise reports can be found from here:

Future Full Scale Exercises in 2016

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) arranges and participates several full scale, table top and alert exercises every year. In 2015 main full scale exercises were Arctic Oil Recovery Exercise (in Kemi, Finland) based on the Copenhagen agreement, bilateral exercise between Finland and Russia ( out of Vysotsk Oil Terminal, Russia); bilateral exercise between Finland and Estonia (in Saaremaa, Estonia), Balex Delta Exercise (in Świnoujście, Poland) and joint Exercise between Finnish Navy, SYKE, Helsinki City Rescue Department and other supporting authorities (Gulf of Finland coastline).

In 2016 following main exercises can be noted:

  • bilateral exercise between Estonia and Finland, “Puhas Meri” in May 2016 (in Estonia);
  • Balex Delta 2016 June 2016 (in Lithuania);
  • Table Top Exercise based on the Agreement on Cooperation on Marine Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response in the Arctic (MOSPA) in June;
  • bilateral exercise between Russia and Finland in September (in Kotka, Finland);
  • oil recovery exercise based on Copenhagen agreement in September (in Sweden);
  • PREDICT  full scale exercise in September (outside Helsinki, Finland). Please read more here.
RPAS returning
Figure: RPAS returning from surveillance flight during the oil recovery exercise in Hanko (June 2015)
Heavy oil boom
Figure: Heavy oil boom is deployed to the sea by the firemen of the Helsinki City Recue Department in September 2015
ORV Louhi
Figure: Oil Recovery vessel LOUHI in Świnoujście during Balex Delta Exercise in 2015

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