Eeva Furman
Research Professor Eeva Furman. © SYKE / Kai Widell

Group of Scientists: The state of global sustainable development is serious, solutions exist

Press release 2019-09-11, Finnish Environment Institute
The Independent Group of Scientists appointed by the UN has assessed the state of global sustainable development as worrying. Although positive developments can be found in the world, certain issues may prevent further progress. The Independent Group of Scientists has identified six key issues and the means necessary to improve the direction. The Global Sustainable Development Report 2019 was published in New York on 11th September 2019.

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Minister Mikkonen to attend UN Secretary-General's Climate Summit and Sustainable Development Summit in New York

Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Krista Mikkonen will travel to New York for the UN Secretary-General's Climate Summit and the Sustainable Development Summit in New York on 20–26 September. The meetings are part of the opening week of the UN General Assembly.
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Ruskaranta Pallasjärvellä

Landscape and Water as Landscape Day themes

Living in the land of a thousand lakes, water plays an important role in the everyday lives of Finns. How is water represented in our everyday landscapes? Is it quietly flowing along in tiny streams along the route to your local market? Do you take evening strolls on autumnal shores? Do you pass a bog on your way to work? Do you walk your dog along a ditch in the mornings? Is it raining?
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Assessment of the status of Finland’s waters

Status of lakes and rivers about the same as before, coastal waters have deteriorated

A new assessment of the ecological status1) of surface waters in Finland shows that 87% of the surface area of our lakes and 68% of our rivers are in good or very good condition. Eutrophication is still the most significant problem. There have been no major changes in the status of inland waters since 2013, except for some improvement in certain sites. The status of the Gulf of Finland has improved, but for the most part the status of coastal waters is not good. The risks associated with groundwater have not increased.


SYKE Policy Brief: Making mining sustainable
Environmental points of view must be considered in all phases of a mine's life cycle, from ore prospecting, all the way to the closing of the mine, and aftercare. Water management in mines is a key consideration in the conditions that prevail in Finland. It is also important for companies in the mining field to communicate actively about their activities already in the ore prospecting and planning phases so that local residents can affect the projects.