Building project

The execution and stages of a construction project depend on the scale and nature of the project, whether it is a new construction or a renovation, and on the function and location of the building. Good preparation and design are essential in all projects. Legislation on land use and building places great emphasis on the obligations and responsibilities of the party engaging in a construction project, and it is advisable to become familiar with them before starting the project.


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The compliance with regulations and local obligations on construction is supervised by the municipal building supervision authority, who should be contacted at an early stage of the project. Building supervision authorities explain the permission requirements and other preconditions for the project.

Executing a construction project usually requires various kinds of expertise and involves several parties. Professionals from a variety of fields are needed for the construction of a single-family house, for example (including construction planners, heating, plumbing and air conditioning engineers, electrical engineers, responsible site managers and contractors).

The key difference between new constructions and renovations is that the existing building and its inhabitants determine the preconditions for the renovation. It is advisable to check which permissions are required from the building supervision authority or the property manager, even if the renovation project is small.

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