Planning a construction project

The starting points of new construction, renovation or alteration works are the function of the building and the demands and goals of the construction project.

General construction requirements must be taken into account when planning a construction project, including the strength and stability of structures, fire safety, hygiene, health and the environment, user safety, noise abatement and the basic requirements on energy efficiency and heat retention. In addition, buildings must be ecologically sustainable and aesthetically suitable for their environment.

Construction planning involves co-operation between several planners and engineers, the most important of which are the construction planner, the structural engineer and the heating, plumbing and air conditioning engineer. The overall project is coordinated by a principal planner, who is usually a construction planner or an architect. Planners and engineers must have the expertise that corresponds to the demands of the project. More detailed regulations and instructions on assessing the competence level of the planning assignment and the competency of the planner can be found in the provisions on construction and, in particular, in Section A2 of the National Building Code of Finland on Building designers and plans.

Furthermore, the project costs are, for the most part, determined at the planning stage, which means that special attention should be paid to the plan quality.

Published 2013-10-24 at 12:31, updated 2013-10-24 at 12:31