Finnish BAT technology reports

Finnish BAT studies have been funded by both industrial organisations and public institutes. The studies focus on subjects chosen according to Finnish environmental conditions or because of the high level of Finnish technology in the field concerned. BAT reports present valuable background information, and set out the measures to be taken when firms select and apply Best Available Techniques (BAT) for their own operations. The permit authorities can also refer to the reports when granting environmental permits.

The Finnish Environment Institute has set up national BAT working groups on the following subject areas, in order to contribute to the Seville process and the preparation of BAT reference documents (BREFs) or in order to produce national BAT reports on sectors not covered by the IPPC/IED directive. National BAT studies have been completed on all the following topics.

Finnish BAT Reports

Ceramic Manufacturing Industry

Chemical Industry

Energy Sector and Incineration

Food Industry

Leather and Textile Industry

Livestock Farming

Metal Processing

Mining Activities

Pulp and Paper Industry

Shooting Ranges

Slaughterhouses and Animal By-products

Surface treatment using organic solvents

General Themes

Other reports


Nordic Council of Ministers

The Nordic Council of Ministers is the forum for Nordic governmental co-operation. There is a BAT working group whose resposibility relies in the preparation of reports and documents within the chosen sectors. The publications are written in a Scandinavian language or English. A few are translated into Finnish or other languages. For more information see the Norden website.

Nordic Council of Ministers - BAT Publications

Bothnian Bay Life

Part I: Project Report: Anne Laine ja Heli Rissanen
Part II: Technical Report of BAT Information Exchange System: Magnus Klingspor, Uwe Fortkamp ja Mikael Olshammar

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