Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) in Finland

What is EMAS?

LogoEmas.jpgThe European Community Eco-management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), which is based on the EMAS Regulation (EC) No 1221/2009 is a voluntary environmental management system (EMS) for organisations operating in or outside the European Union. EMAS has been designed for the companies and organisations of the private sector and public administration and with its help the organisation is able to manage its environmental impacts systematically. The EMAS organisation commits itself for the constant improvement of the level of its environmental performance.

The EMAS system consists of an environmental management system according to the ISO 14001:2004 standard and of environmental statement. EMAS includes verification of the management system and validation of the environmental statement by an accredited or licensed environmental verifier. After verification the organisation may apply for EMAS registration.

Steps to EMAS

EMAS institutions in Finland

The Competent Body responsible for EMAS registrations in Finland is the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). The Ministry of the Environment holds the main responsibility for promoting EMAS in Finland.

The Finnish Accreditation Service FINAS accredits EMAS verifiers in Finland.

The accredited verifiers in Finland are Inspecta Certification and DNV Certification Oy / Ab. Verifiers accredited or licensed in other EU countries can also operate in Finland. Verifiers both ensure that environmental management systems comply with EMAS regulations, and validate environmental statements.


EMAS registration in Finland

Organisations wishing to register for EMAS must fill in the application form and send it with its appendices to the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). The Finnish Environment Institute then asks the environmental authorities whether the organisation fully complies with the relevant environmental legislation. In case of a corporate registration, which includes sites in other EU countries, the EMAS Competent Bodies in these EU countries will be contacted. EMAS-sertifikaatti It is also possible to apply for EMAS registration for a site situated outside the European Union. In that case formal statements from the relevant environmental authorities are required.

If there are no obstacles, the Finnish Environment Institute will register the organisation and gives it a registration number. After registration the organisation has the right to use the EMAS logo and a sertificate of registration will be provided.

The Finnish Environment Institute may remove organisations from the register if they subsequently fail to meet the requirements of EMAS regulation.



Registration fees

The fees for EMAS registrations are based on the Decree of the Ministry of the Environment (1580/2015)

1. Fee for the registration

a) registration fee for organisations operating at one site or for the first site of the organisation

- at most 50 employees, (8 h)
- more than 50 employees, (14 h)

First site is the one with the highest number of employees.

1176 e

b) fee for each additional site included or incorporated into the organisation,

- at most 50 employees (3 h)
- more than 50 employees (5 h)

252 e
420 e

c) fee for each additional hour when the workload exeeds the amount of hours mentioned in a-b

84 e/h

d) for the registrations not mentioned above, the fee will be charged according to the a and c


2. Fee for the update of the registration

The fee for the renewal of the registration will be charged according to the number of sites included in the organisation,

a) fee for the first site (5 h)

420 e

b) fee for the each remaining sites (3 h)

252 e

c) fee for the each individually registered site (5 h)

420 e

d) fee for each additional hour when the workload exeeds the amount of hours mentioned in a-b

84 e/hour

3. Fees for the suspension, deletion or refusal of the registration

a) Fee for the suspension of the organisation from the register according to article 15.4 of the EMAS regulation (EC) No 1221/2009 is 672 euros (8 hours) and in addition 84 euros/hour for the exceeding hours.

b) Fee for the suspension or deletion of the organization is 672 euros (8 hours) and in addition 84 euros/hour for the exceeding hours if the organisation is suspended or deleted from the register according to the above mentioned regulation except article 15.4. However there is no fee for the suspension if it is based on article 15.2.

c) The fee for the refusal of registration according to article 13 is equivalent to the fee for registration. However, there is no fee for the refusal of the registration if it is based on article 13.5.

d) There is no fee for the lifting of the suspension.

e) If the organization or part of it is deleted from the register at its own request, the fee is 126 euros.

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