Finnish Water Restoration Network

The Finnish Water Restoration Network is an open platform that provides information and experiences on improving the status of waters.

    The network promotes co-operation between administration, researchers, local actors, entrepreneurs, operators and financiers. It also supports public-private partnership and voluntary activities as well as disseminates up-to-date information of restoration issues and good practices.

    The Finnish Water Restoration Network was established in 2012 as a part of the implementation of EU Water Framework Directive in Finland. It is coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute and mainly funded by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.


      • Seminars, courses and field excursions
      • Campaigns
      • Information sharing via websites, newsletters and social media
      • Good practices for water protection and restoration, success stories, challenges and failures , use of aquatic ecosystem services
      • Up-to-date information on financial opportunities, events and legislation
      • Contact information for operating companies and foundations
      • Co-operation and projects with regional networks and other stakeholders


      Latest seminar was the Restore and Remove webinar on 27 of October.


      Participants of the 5th network meeting in a “hands-on” exercise in restoration of an urban river stretch to a spawning area of sea trout in the City of Oulu in June 2018. Photo: Maarit Satomaa.



      Published 2019-03-06 at 13:01, updated 2021-03-19 at 11:28