Permits under water legislation

According to Finland's water legislation, water permits are required for all activities affecting constructions in waters or the water supply. These activities include the construction of jetties, bridges, cable crossings, pipelines, dams, hydropower plants, waterways, log-floating routes, drainage ditches, canals, weirs and sluices, and for any other regulation or use of water reserves, including groundwater. Permits related to effluents and the risk of contamination are covered by environmental protection legislation.

Applications should be submitted to the relevant Regional State Administrative Agency. The authority will then make the application public as appropriate, giving the relevant authorities and anyone affected by the plans time to comment and make proposals concerning the requirements for the permit. Complaints against any permit decisions may be made to the Administrative Court of Vaasa, then to the Supreme Administrative Court.

Fees are payable for the processing of applications.

Diagram of the permit procedure


Published 2020-12-18 at 16:30, updated 2020-12-18 at 16:30