New requirement for foreign waste carriers (21.12.2022)

Changes in the Finnish Waste Act (646/2011) regarding waste management registration of professional waste carriers shall apply from 1.1.2023. This applies also to foreign carriers. Instructions and application forms are available at web page Register for waste carriers and brokers in Finland (

Personnel handling transfrontier waste shipment tasks are working from home (added 26.3.2020)

Due to extraordinary circumstances the personnel of the Finnish Environment Institute are working from home. There might occur delay and backlog in handling of tasks related to transfrontier shipments of waste. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Guidance on shipping green-listed waste has been published (30.5.2018)

Nordic Council of Ministers has published a guidance on the requirements related to shipping of green-listed waste.

Shipping green-listed waste


New instructions has been published (1.3.2016 and 11.3.2016)

  • Export of used lead acid batteries
  • Export of used electric and electronic equipment - a guide for exporters
  • Export of used electric and electronic equipment - a guide for authorities

Bulletins and instructions


Covernment Decree on Electrical and Electronic Equipment (15.7.2014)

Concerning export to another country the demand of the holder of the equipment to prove the electrical and electronic equipment as a functioning equipment entered into force on 15 July 2014. In the absence of proof the equipment shall be considered as waste and the transport to another country as illegal. Section 117 a § of Act (410/2014) on amendment to Waste Act

The minimum requirements to substantiate the functioning of the equipment is stated in Annex 6 to the Government Decree on Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

More information in Finnish


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