Pre-consent to facilities

The EU Regulation on shipments of waste allows EU member states to grant a so-called pre-consent to waste recovery facilities. Pre-consent enables certain deviations from the regular notification procedure. The benefits of pre-consent compared to the normal permit procedure are:
  1. Shorter periods of decision-making; the decision is given within seven days of the date of the acknowledgement.
  2. Waste shipment permits may be granted for three years if the authorities of all transit countries approve.

The Finnish Environment Institute may grant pre-consent to Finland-based waste recovery facilities for accepting waste from other EU or OECD countries. Pre-consent is granted for a fixed period of time, the maximum being ten years. Pre-consent cannot be granted for interim recovery or testing purposes.

Applying for the pre-consent

The pre-consent application must be submitted on paper. The printed and signed version, including attachments, is sent by post to the following address: Suomen ympäristökeskus / kansainväliset jätesiirrot, Latokartanonkaari 11, 00790 Helsinki.

Before submitting an application for pre-consent, facilities are asked to contact the Finnish Environment Institute for a preliminary review of the application. A fee for processing the application for pre-consent is charged according to the Ministry of the Environment decree No 1243/2019.

The application for pre-consent must include at least the following information:

  • name and business ID of the facility
  • contact information (address, telephone number, fax number)
  • contact details (telephone number, e-mail address) of the contact person
  • a copy of the valid environmental permit
  • a copy of the EMAS certificate according to EU Regulation 761/2001 or proof of a corresponding environmental management system
  • a description of the waste for which pre-consent for import is being applied (physical characteristics, impurities, material fluctuation rate, etc.)
  • waste classification (LoW code) according to the Waste Decree (179/2012)
  • waste classification according to appendices IV and IVA of EU Waste Shipment Regulation 1013/2006
  • a description of the recovery technology/technologies applied
  • recovery method codes (R codes) as listed in the Waste Decree (179/2012)
  • the total quantity of waste recovered annually by the facility, quantities by type of waste, and an assessment of the proportion of waste imported from abroad
  • the period of time for which pre-consent is applied
  • the waste acceptance process
    • is the waste analysed in any way, and how?
  • a report of any problems in previous shipments of waste in which the company participated, and of how these problems were solved
  • a copy of a certificate of registration in the Trade Register

The processing time for the application is approximately one month from its review and acceptance. The facility will be inspected during the processing period.

All facilities granted pre-consent are listed on the OECD website. Facilities granted pre-consent

Provisions for granting pre-consent to facilities are laid out in Article 14 of the Waste Shipment Regulation, §114 of the Waste Act, and §31 of the Waste Decree.

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