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Application for a waste transport permit

Notifications on the shipment of waste are submitted to the competent authority in the country of dispatch; in Finland, it is the Finnish Environment Institute. The notification shall be submitted electronically by using the Finnish TFS system. Prior to commencement of the shipment, the notification on the shipment of waste must be approved by the Finnish Environment Institute and the competent authorities in the country of destination, as well as in possible countries of transfer, and a waste shipment permit must be granted. It is recommended to submit the notification well in advance of the planned waste shipments.

The steps of the notification process are outlined below. The regulation referred to in the guidelines is EU Regulation No 1013/2006 on shipments of waste.

Waste transport permit requirement

The waste exporter shall verify whether exporting the waste requires a permit from waste shipment authorities.

Contacting the Finnish Environment Institute by e-mail or telephone

The Finnish Environment Institute confirms the waste shipment notification obligation, if necessary.

When first contacting the Finnish Environment Institute, the following information should be at hand:

  • a description of the waste
  • producer and notifier of the waste
  • country of destination and facility
  • a short description of the waste-processing method

This information helps to determine whether, for example, multiple notifications will be required.

Multiple notifications of waste shipment are required if:

  • the shipment includes more than one type of waste,
  • more than one transport route is used, or
  • the waste is collected from more than one source or shipped to more than one destination.

As a general rule, the original producer of the waste under the jurisdiction of the country of dispatch may act as the notifier, but so may a licensed waste collector or a registered broker. If handled by a third party, the notification procedure requires a letter of attorney from the producer of the waste. Provisions for acting as a notifier are set forth in Article 2, point 15 of the regulation.

The notification document and its appendices

As a general rule, the notification and movement documents are filled out in English. The movement document is pre-filled and requires no signature. The codes to be used when filling out the notification and shipping documents are found on the reverse side of the forms.

In addition to the notification and the movement document, at least the following documents are required:

  • agreement between the notifier and the consignee
  • guarantee calculation and financial guarantee
  • description of the waste and its origins
  • description of the waste-handling process at the receiving facility
  • the receiving facility's environmental permit or an excerpt of its key contents
  • the amount of recovered material in relation to residual products and the methods used in processing the non-recoverable remains
  • description of the transport route
  • certificates of the drivers' registration as transporters of waste

In addition, the notifier shall be prepared to submit any additional information (Appendix II of the regulation) to which the authorities of the countries of dispatch, destination and transfer are entitled, according to Article 4, subsection 3 of the regulation.

E-mailing the notification to the Finnish Environment Institute for pre-inspection

After compiling the necessary documents, the notification information is filled in electronically in the notification system and submitted to the Finnish Environment Institute for preliminary review before signing the Annex IA. This review may help to facilitate faster processing of the notification in the country of dispatch.

Submitting the printed notification to the Finnish Environment Institute

Upon receiving the reviewer's comments, make corrections, include additional information as advised and submit the amended notification to SYKE. When the notification is considered completed, print Annex IA from the system, sign it and send it by post to the Finnish Environment Institute. Some authorities require paper copies of the attachments but in most cases they are not needed. Check the need for paper copies from SYKE before sending the notification document. 

Please send the notification (signed Annex IA) to the following address:

Suomen ympäristökeskus / Kansainväliset jätesiirrot
Latokartanonkaari 11, 00790 Helsinki, Finland

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