The location of large retail units matters

Land use planning creates the preconditions for locating commercial services in towns and residential areas and secures the operating conditions of existing services. The aim is to facilitate the use of public transport and increase walking and cycling, especially in urban areas.

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Solutions and reservations concerning retail sales units are included in regional land use plans, local master plans and local detailed plans. The special control of retail sales units set out in the Land Use and Building Act covers large retail units of over 4,000 floor square metres. These include shopping centres, hypermarkets, large supermarkets and department stores.

Large retail units that are regionally important are allocated in regional land use plans. Local master plans and local detailed plans cover the large retail units and other trade reservations with local impact.

Retail sales control is regulated by the Land Use and Building Act (LUBA).  The special provisions on retail sales are set out in Chapter 9 a of the Act.

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