Nordic co-operation on spatial planning

The focus points and action plans of Nordic co-operation on spatial planning are agreed upon at ministerial-level meetings. In recent years, the co-operation has been centred around questions on sustainable development in cities.

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The co-operation is mostly realised through cooperative projects financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The preparation and implementation of the ministerial meeting resolutions are agreed upon in the meetings of leading planning authorities (Nordiskt Planmyndighetsmöte).

Co-operational networks on land use planning

Nordic co-operation on spatial planning is coordinated in the annual meetings of the leading planning authorities of the Nordic countries (Nordiskt Planmyndighetsmöte), where the current issues on planning are discussed and the forms and projects of co-operation and the topics and preparations of ministerial meetings are agreed upon.

Current forms of action include co-operation networks on municipal planning and plan legislation, including the thematic meetings which bring together the planning officials from all Nordic countries. The co-operation is based on a rotating presidency and the related preparation responsibility; there is no secretariat or separate financing for the co-operation.

Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Regional Policy (EK-R)

The Committee of Senior Officials works under the Nordic Council of Ministers for Business, Energy and Regional Policy and is responsible for promoting co-operation on regional policy and planning. Forms of co-operation include information exchange, research and development projects and the coordination of transnational co-operation.

The operation of the Committee is based on the co-operational programme approved by the Council of Ministers. The programme for 2013–2016 focuses on facing the challenges of globalisation and climate change and improving dialogue on regional development and planning. The Nordic Centre for Spatial Development Nordregio, which works under the Council of Ministers, has a key role in implementing the co-operational programme.

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