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Maps and statistics

This section contains maps and statistics mainly from Finland's environmental administration and its data systems.

In addition to the environment.fi website, environmental statistics are available also in other websites in which the Finland's environmental administaration is involved, like Järwiwiki and Climate Guide. To Biodiversity.fi website is gathered lots of indicators of nature and biodiversity.

Finland's environmental administration produces data also for the official statistics of the Statistics Finland and to the Findicator.fi -website. Environmental data from different European countries can be found from the European Environment Agency's (EEA) website.

Press releases and news


Algal bloom monitoring July 30, 2020: Typical amounts of cyanobacteria occurrences have been observed in sea areas, in lakes occurrences have been observed less than average

In sea areas cyanobacteria occurrences have increased, which is typical for late July and early August. Windy weather has kept cyanobacteria mixed in the water bodies, therefore extensive surface blooms have not been observed in sea areas. In lakes cyanobacteria occurrences have been observed less than usual in most parts of Finland. Occurences have increased only in the regions of North Karelia and Central Finland, where they are above average.
Press releases and news of the Finnish Environment Institute
Press releases and news of the Ministry of the Environment
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