International Landscape Day

The International landscape Day is celebrated annually on 20 October. Celebrating Landscape Day began on the initiative of the European Council. The main objective of the Landscape Day is to highlight the importance of the landscapes as integral part of the cultural heritage, identity, well-being and the quality of our living environment.

In Finland, the theme of the day this year is everyday landscape. The main goal of the theme is to encourage people to recognise the value of our familiar everyday landscape.

© Photo: Riku Lumiaro

Take part in the Everyday Landscape campaign

The #arkimaisema photography campaign of the Ministry of the Environment and The Finnish Environment Institute challenges people to take a look at their own everyday landscape with new eyes. What do you find especially good, beautiful or captivating in your everyday landscapes?

Everyday Landscape campaign will culminate in the International Landscape Day held on 20 October. As part of Everyday Landscape campaign, we share tips on how to celebrate Landscape Day.

Last year International Landscape Day was celebrated for the first time. At that time the Ministry of the Environment challenged the municipalities and NGOs to consider how the day could be celebrated in the coming years.

The objective of the European Council is to institutionalise the celebration of the International Landscape day on 20 October as an annual tradition. The International Landscape day is celebrated by all parties to the European Landscape Convention.

The European Landscape Convention promotes the protection, management and planning of European landscapes and organises European co-operation on landscape issues. The European Landscape Convention is the first international treaty to concern solely landscapes.

The European Landscape Convention was adopted on 20 October 2000 in Florence and came into force in Fnland on 1 April 2006. The convention is ratified by 38 countries.

Share your everyday landscape photographs

Stop for a moment, take a closer look at your everyday landscapes and take photographs of them. What kinds of thoughts or emotions does the landscape trigger in you? Share your photographs with the hashtag #arkimaisema.

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