The web service of the Finnish red list

The basis of the data is the species data evaluated for the Red List published in 2010. The data is stored and continuously updated in the Species application of the Environmental data system Hertta.

You can choose to start either with the Complete table of species or the charts, and then choose the parameters in the right side of the screen to limit your search. You will always find instructions (Help) from the upper left corner. Please, read the instructions first.

The table of species is so wide, that you must scroll it sideways to see the last columns. The table is divided to pages; you can choose the page by the browsing tool in the middle of the tool bar. You can hide and return the column with parameter choices, with the small arrow in the middle.

After choosing the parameters, push the Käytä button (use/do) in the right bottom corner.

You can save the tables and graphs by the Toiminnot (actions) menu on the left of the tool bar, and by the choosing the alternative Vie (export), and then choosing the format.

Complete table of species

Lintupiirros_Terhi Ryttäri

Drawing: Terhi Ryttäri ©

In this table you can find all species documented during the Red List assessment 2010, more than 31,000 species. The opening of the table may take time. You can search certain species by name or part of i,t or choose different parameters.

By clicking the info button on the left you will get more information on the species.

The nomenclature has been updated according to new check-lists, all other data is from the Red List 2010.

Start your search by clicking the link below

Charts and tables

In the Ready-made charts and tables (links below), you can choose categories and systematic groups you want to view.

Number of species by IUCN categories and systematic groups

Percentage of IUCN categories by systematic group

Genuine changes in IUCN categories between 2000 and 2010

Number of species by habitats and systematic groups


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