Natureship project has ended. Thank you all for cooperation! Project publications can be downloaded from section "Publications".


Natureship Final Seminar in Pärnu 27- 29 Aug 2012. The latest program can be downloaded from here: Natureship Pärnu seminar program (ed. 240812).


The first part of the Natureship Nature Management Library publication series is now available (Finnish, Swedish, English). An electronic version of this publication called "Animals to the shore - yes or no?" can be downloaded from this internet site ("Publications"). In case you would like to have printed copies, please contact


The presentations of SEMI-NATURAL LANDSCAPES - Guidelines for nature management assisted with historical data and GIS seminar can be downloaded from here: Semi-natural landscapes seminar.


Natureship project arranges a seminar of the nature management in the semi-natural landscapes: SEMI-NATURAL LANDSCAPES - Guidelines for nature management assisted with historical data and GIS

During this seminar we concentrate on using the old maps and aerial images when planning the nature management activities. In addition, the use of historical information in the management planning as well as the planning in the landscape level is taken into the closer look. A case study was conducted in the National Park of Saaristomeri during 2010 and 2011. The Department of Geography and Geology in the University of Turku as well as Metsähallitus are working together with this topic in Natureship. The end result will be a publication, which handles this nature management topic. You can download the preliminary seminar program from here: Semi-natural_landscapes_seminar.pdf

After the seminar a two-day workshop (25.-26.1.2012) will be arranged. In this workshop we will concentrate on the practices when using the aerial images, old maps and other suitable material in the nature management planning. These different materials will be combined together using e.g. GIS programs. More information: maija.mussaari(at) OR timo.pitkanen(at)


Natureship people met this time in Nigula field research station - located in southern Estonia - during 14.-16. of September 2011. During this gathering several important topics were discussed, e.g. public procurements, future seminars and workshops, contents of publications etc. Some photographs about the project meeting will be published in Natureship's web pages during the end of September. 


Lina Munsterhjelm and Juuso Haapaniemi are working as summer trainees in Metsähallitus during summer 2011. They are doing so-called vegetation mapping in the national park of Saaristomeri. You can read more (in Finnish) about their activities from "Saaristonmeren kansallispuiston loki" website. 


Natureship project had a meeting in Gotland at 27.–29.4.2011. Some pictures from the meeting will be added later. At the moment project partners are writing publications for the "Habitat Management Library". 

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