Project description

Project applicant and background information

The applicant of the project is the Southwest Finland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment which is profiled in Finland for trailblazing pilot projects in both habitat management and coastal planning. Positive experiences from an earlier interdisciplinary coastal planning project entitled “Reed strategy in Finland and Estonia” and the Interreg man-made landscape projects of the archipelago generated an idea in 2007 on gathering the local leading operators together for a new Interreg Central Baltic application.

Contacts of the project with other programmes

The project implements the goals of the environmental programme of Southwest Finland for 2007–2012, including e.g. securing the biodiversity, sustainable and controlled use of natural resources, management of natural and man-made landscapes, and high-quality living environment that promotes well-being. At a broader level the project implements e.g. the goals of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the Ramsar Convention, and the European Landscape Convention. In addition, project activities are directed at Natura areas, which promote the favourable level of protection of nature types and species. The project implements interdisciplinary and participating cooperation in which actors from different countries work closely together throughout the project.

Project's schedule and funding

The duration of the project is a bit over three years, from 1.10. 2009 to 31.1.2013. Natureship's total budget is 1 398 569 € and the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) share is 1 078 714 €, whereas the national funding is 25 % of the total budget, that is, 319 855 €.

Operating area of the project

The operating area is the whole Central Baltic area, with focus on habitat management and water protection in catchment basins in coastal areas.

Map: Iiro Ikonen

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