Links to ongoing projects and research

The project is closely linked with the China-Europe Water Platform and the proposed Danish Integrated Urban Water Management Co-Lead project ‘Management of the Urban Water in Jinan, China’. The objective is to demonstrate the value and efficiency of applying a holistic approach to the urban flood challenges in Jinan in the Shandong Province. The value includes improved conditions related to flood (reduced damage and health risks) and better utilization of the natural water resources within the urban community.

The work relates to an ongoing project STORMFILTER, which focuses on stormwater filter structures, their efficiency in stormwater treatment, and their design and planning in urban areas. The project is coordinated by VTT, includes Aalto University and University of Helsinki as partners, and is funded by TEKES.

The work has connections to URCA (The quality and quantity of runoff water in relation to land-use in urbanised catchments), which explores with the aid of measurements and simulation models the generation of urban runoff, and the environmental loading conveyed with stormwater, in six urban research sites located in Lahti and Helsinki. The project is an Academy of Finland funded collaborative project between Aalto University and University of Helsinki.

The work also relates at Aalto University with the project “Optimal design of hydrometric networks – the urban perspective”, which is funded by Maa- javesitekniikantuki ry and develops methods for spatio-temporal stochastic precipitation modeling. It also addresses the impacts of variable precipitation inputs to simulation results of urban hydrological models.

The project is linked with several ongoing projects in EU such as CITYWATER – Benchmarking water protection in cities, BalticFlows and iWater – Integrated Storm Water Management funded by EU; WaterSmart funded by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

The project is linked with a Chinese national commonweal project "research and development of flood risk analysis technologies with different objectives",which is in progress in China Institute of Water Resource and Hydropower Research (IWHR). This project will carry out a series of experimental studies on the factors which have directly function on the safety during a flood event. This project also have designed to develop a platform with lots of professional function on data management and modeling research.

The project is also linked with a special institutional project of IWHR "assessment on disaster reduction efficiency of the measures for sponge city building in China". The project will carry out a series of studies on the problems faced by the sponge city construction and develop a method for the efficiency assessment. Also some measures will be provided for further planning and construction for the coming actions.

Previously IWHR had carried out an interesting project in potential pilot city Foshan: "water logging early warning system of Foshan City". The system is in trial running for storm water management in Foshan city. Recently local authority expressed interest to extend the system and enlarge the function. So it is possible for the potential project is closely connected with the cooperative project on urban storm water management.

This project gives an opportunity to disseminate and further develop actions linked with the ongoing projects with the Chinese partners.
Published 2017-05-19 at 12:46, updated 2017-05-19 at 12:46