VELMU Inventories and Inventory Areas

VELMU programme collects data on the occurrence of underwater marine biotopes, species and communities in Finland’s marine waters. 


Inventory areas

VELMU started already in 2004, but systematic and consistent inventories along the entire coast were initiated only in 2011, after increased funding from the state budget was provided.

VELMU targets the entire Finnish marine area, from the Bothnian Bay in the north to the eastern Gulf of Finland. In 2016, inventories started also in Åland. 

VELMUn tutkimuspisteet vuodesta 2004 animaationa. Kertyvä pistemäärä lisääntyy ensin hitaasti, sitten kiihtyvällä tahdilla kunnes tutkimusalue kattaa harvakseltaan koko Suomen merialueen.
VELMU inventories 2004-2020. To date, the programme has collected information on the marine underwater nature from over 160,000 points in the Finnish waters. 


Published 2021-01-12 at 16:46, updated 2021-01-12 at 16:47