The section Waters contains information on water bodies and water resources and their status, monitoring, use and restoration. This section also contains material on the protection of waters and the related cooperation. Järvi-meriwiki is the gateway to a wiki-type web service specifically created for lakes and the Sea. Research perspective is presented on SYKE’s web service. Strategies, programmes and legislation of water are presented on the Ministry of the Enviroment's web service.

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Summary of algal bloom monitoring June-August 2019: Cyanobacteria were mostly mixed in the water in the Finnish sea areas, in lakes the cyanobacteria situation varied a lot

During the past summer, large amounts of blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) were seen particularly in the northern part of the Baltic Sea’s main basin, at the entrance to the Gulf of Finland and south of the Åland Islands. Blue-green algae were observed as surface rafts at time to time, but the wind mainly kept it mixed in the water. In lakes, blue-green algae were seen mixed in the water and less large surface blooms were observed than in earlier monitoring years.
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Järvi- ja meriwiki (Lake&Sea wiki), maintained by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, is a collaborative web service focusing on Finland’s lakes and other water areas. Using Lake&Sea wiki, anyone can engage in activities such as editing descriptions of lakes, maintaining observation spots and contributing to the discussion forum.
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