Dam Safety Guide

The revised Dam Safety Act (494/2009) came into force on 1 October 2009 and a Government Decree on Dam Safety (319/2010) on 5 May 2010.  Dam Safety Guide (in Finnish) was completed 2011 and updated 2018. The purpose of the guide is to complement and elucidate the law and the decree through examples and descriptions.

The Dam Safety Guide is designed to support the tasks of dam owners and others who work at dams. The guide takes up the designing and construction of dams, classification, dam safety documentation as well as the dam break hazard analysis and the emergency action plan. It explains matters in connection with dam maintenance, use, monitoring and inspections as well as the obligations of the dam owner.

The Guide has been translated in English in 2014. The translation was updated 2019. The  Publication is only available on internet:

Dam Safety Guide




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