Classic lake landscape won first place in the Landscape Day photo competition (

First place of the International Landscape Day photo competition was awarded to Marko Lappeteläinen’s skilful shot of a landscape that is important and dear to Finns. © Photo: Marko Lappeteläinen.

Press release November 9th, 2021 Finnish Environment Institute
Wednesday 20 October was International Landscape Day, and to celebrate the day, the Ministry of the Environment organised a photo competition with the theme “Landscape Day 2021”. First place was awarded to a photo taken by Marko Lappeteläinen at Kaartjärvi Lake in Loppi 14 October 2021. Photographers were asked to record their local landscapes between 14 October and 20 October 2021.

Published 2021-11-09 at 8:58, updated 2021-11-22 at 12:49