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Waste planning
Content page | Published: 2017-07-03

National Waste Plan “From Recycling to a Circular Economy. National Waste Plan to 2023” sets out the objectives for waste management and waste prevention in Finland and the measures to reach the...

Consumption and production > Waste and waste management > Waste planning
Changes in legislation to promote wind power
Press release | Published: 2013-08-22

The Finnish Government is proposing to simplify the permit procedures related to the construction of wind power plants by introducing changes to the Land Use and Building Act. The matter was discu......

Climate and air > Changes in legislation to promote wind power
Structural fire safety
Content page | Published: 2013-08-22

There are over 12,000 fires in Finland annually. Fire safety is affected by the actions of authorities, designers, builders and building users. The authoritative guidance related to structural and fi...

Building > Building safety > Structural fire safety
Permits related to land use and building
Content page | Published: 2013-09-10

Construction and other developments in Finland are controlled by the Land Use and Building Act. More specific controls may be defined in decrees. The National Building Code of Finland incorporates com...

Forms, permits and environmental impact assessment > Permits, notifications and registration > Permits related to land use and building
Regional land use planning
Content page | Published: 2017-01-13

The regional land use plan transfers national and regional land use goals to the local level. Each of Finland's 18 regions is covered by a regional land use plan. These general plans set out medium-...

Living environment and planning > Land use planning system > Regional land use planning
Proposal for society's commitment to sustainability finished
News | Published: 2013-07-09

At the end of 2012, the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development, led by Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen, decided to draw up a concise, cross-generational social commitment for sustainable......

Consumption and production > Proposal for society's commitment to sustainability finished
Geological formations
Content page | Published: 2013-11-15

Geological formations refer to natural formations and structures in the bedrock and soil, usually created by extremely slow geological processes of varying age. From a human time perspective, geol...

Nature > Geological formations
Natural habitats
Content page | Published: 2019-01-07

Natural habitats include land and water areas characterised by certain environmental conditions, and by the plant and animal species typical of such areas. Natural habitats are affected by soil an...

Nature > Natural habitats
Content page | Published: 2014-06-16

This part contains information on biological diversity, protected and endangered species in Finland, as well as their monitoring, natural habitats and their restauration, geological features and l...

Content page | Published: 2016-06-30

One of the aims of species protection is to maintain the vital populations and areas of distribution of the native and established species. From the approximately 45,000 species found in Finland 2...

Nature > Species
Threatened species
Content page | Published: 2013-09-24

The threat status of Finnish species is evaluated every ten years; most recently in 2010. The results of the assessment are published in the Red List of Finnish Species, listing Regionally Extinct, T...

Nature > Species > Threatened species
Instructions for the Advanced Search
Content page | Published: 2013-05-02

The basic search function is located on the top right corner of the page. You can enter one or several words in the search box. Clicking the "Search" button will start the search. When typi......

Instructions for the Advanced Search

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