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Guidelines in translating and using information submission services for different languages and user domains (LOOKALIKE)

Lookalike copies in CitobsDB extended Open311 services refer to information submission services which attempt to duplicate other so called original services with interoperable manner and input data structure as possible. Certain technical attribute names (datetime) will be kept similar, other attributes will get a regenerated version number, preceded by indicator of language / locale. For example: Attribute  hisp_tolinkids_string_202201051826228 would be translated as attribute hisp_tolinkids_string_en_202205190949295. 

Those attributes containing mostly text input which is user language dependent will get a language identifier (e.g. _en_) but attributes with single / multiple selection lists, numeric and inputs containing language independent data (e.g. *_tolinkids_ to identify connections to other input event IDs) will keep the same attribute basename before version numbers. Additional or missing infotext attributes might appear, but use licenses and practical instructions are kept similar for original and translated services and data.

Pseudonyme instruction localization: Attribute pseudonyme will be copied as pseudonyme_en 


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