Baltic Sea Cooperation for Climate Resilience

Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Southwest Finland is coordinating two projects that deal with climate change resilience. Especially to the risks that involve water management in urban- and rural environments but also the risks for water supply and sanitation. Water resource specialist Pekka Parkkila coordinates both projects.

Baltic Sea Cooperation for Climate Resilience -Project

Baltic Sea Cooperation for Climate Resilience - Flood and Drought Risk Management -projects main objective of this project is to enhance climate resilience by cooperating with the other countries of Baltic Sea region. Project will focus on three themes Climate adaptation of cities, - rural areas and water supply and sanitation. Project will organize benchmarking trips for Finnish specialists and politicians to other coastal countries of Baltic Sea region to look for the best practices for climate resilience. Project will create four reports from all the three themes and one final report to summarize the findings. Each theme will have a designated seminar and the project will conclude in main seminar that is in the beginning of year 2021. More information about this project can be found on this webpage.

LOSSI -Project

Southwest Finland prepares for increasing droughts (LOSSI) -project is a national project that works in cooperation with multiple Finnish governmental organizations. Goal of the project is to develop especially resilience against drought risks. Project will estimate what kind of risks increasing drought seasons will create for different sectors such as communal water management or agriculture. Project will create projections on how future climate and droughts will effect field's growth ability and estimates on cost effectiveness of different drought mitigation methods. Project will test real time drought estimation service to farmers that will forecast crop yield among other things. Project will create and test model of a drought control plan that can be used to create drought control plans also in the other parts of Finland.

LOSSI-project is a national project and therefore more information is only available in Finnish on this webpage. Any questions should be directed to water resource specialist Pekka Parkkila.

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