This part contains information on biological diversity, protected and endangered species in Finland, as well as their monitoring, natural habitats and their restauration, geological features and landscapes.

Biological diversity is defined as species diversity, the genetic variation within a species, and ecosystem diversity. Human well-being depends on diverse nature.

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Hymenoptera threatened by overgrowth

Species in our country's largest order of insects are increasingly under threat. In an assessment of threatened species made public in the spring, about 16 % of our species of Hymenoptera were assessed as endangered. The best-known subclade are the Aculeata, in which 15 percent of species that were assessed were listed as threatened. Overgrowth affecting meadows as well as sunny and dry habitats such as sand banks is the most significant threat to Aculeata.
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Published 2013-05-14 at 16:07, updated 2019-06-18 at 10:43