Sustainable nutrient management in biogas production

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With the renewal of the ELY Centers 'website, the Sustainable biogas project's website was also renewed, and in the future you will find us on the ELY Centers' project pagesävää-ravinteiden-käsittelyä-biokaasuntuotannossa


The Sustainable biogas project aims to promote the sustainability of biogas from the water protection point of view. The Sustainable Biogas project will work together with the biogas sector and various stakeholders to create methods that improve the way nutrient flows are controlled. 

The project will reduce nutrient discharges from biogas production to watercourses by increasing awareness of the nutrient flows in biogas production, and by creating new tools and procedures that improve nutrient flow management for the use of biogas plants and the authorities. Project results can be utilised e.g. in the planning phase and when environmental permits for biogas plants are awarded. Moreover, the project will promote the sustainable and safe utilisation of nutrient-rich digestates, created in biogas production, as recycled fertilizers. 

Measures will be implemented in three areas: Southwest Finland, the Zemgale region in Latvia, and in Åland. All three regions have a nutrient surplus, due e.g. to intensive livestock production; at the same time, nutrient levels on cultivated fields are high, further increasing the risk of nutrient runoff to watercourses. The project receives in total 1.06 million euros in funding from the EU Interreg Central Baltic programme.

The ELY Centre for Southwest Finland will implement the Sustainable Biogas project in cooperation with the John Nurminen Foundation, the Finnish Biocycle and Biogas Association, Latvian State Environmental Services, and the Latvian Biogas Association.

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