UrbanStormwaterRisk 2016 - 2019

Management of urban water monitoring, developing stormwater risk planning and early warning service is a Sino-Finnish twinning pilot project



Objectives of the project

The objective of the project is to improve and promote urban water management through a twinning pilot project. The pilots in Finland (Turku and Pori) and China (Foshan) will compare laws, regulations and policies as well as improve urban hydrological and water quality monitoring and risk management.

The twinning pilot project will give policy recommendations, innovate and develop new methods and technologies and foster best practices within urban water quality and risk management. The project will engage authorities, businesses and researchers in a comprehensive dialogue on urban water management and it will work closely with the urban planners of pilot cities to mobilize the results into practice.

For the Finnish and Chinese companies involved, the twinning pilots will give reference and opportunities to network and prepare joint business ideas. The project will also enhance academic cooperation between research institutes and universities between Finland and China.

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Expected results

Result 1: Generate policy suggestions, exchange experience, know-how and best practices on urban water quality management under climate change.

Result 2: Cost-efficient real-time low-maintenance urban water monitoring pilots using state-of-the-art technology and methodologies; compilation of mutual R&D project proposals to develop new technology, software and methodologies for water quality monitoring.

Result 3: Stormwater flood and quality risk maps taking into account climate change for pilot city/cities; tools and methods for stormwater flood and quality risk mapping; real-time flood predictions and early warning service for pilot city/cities.

Result 4: Urban stormwater flood risk management plans FRMP’s following the principles of Integrated Flood Management and European Union Floods Directive for pilot city/cities.

Result 5: Dissemination of results 1 to 4 to decision makers, responsible authorities and into urban planning processes.

Project report for the phase one.pdf (1 563 kt)
Project report for the phase two (3 691 kt)

Schedule and funding

The project was carried out from September 2016 to December 2019. The preliminary estimation on the funding requirement for this project was 500,000 Euro for Chinese side, including field investigation, lecture review, national and international traveling.

The total budget of the Finnish Project was 752,000 Euro, from which 372,000 Euro was funded by the partners and 393,000 Euro by the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. City of Turku and City of Pori have financed the project through the work of the city employees and officials. The work was carried out also in the project funded by the EU Partnership Instrument.

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